Haphazardly Ever After - The Musical

By Carmel Catholic High School (other events)

3 Dates Through Nov 12, 2017

A hysterically funny fractured fairy tale farce. King Barnabas and Queen Mildred try everything to bring happiness and harmony to the royal family.  Unfortunately, they find their obnoxious, bratty adult children are unworthy of their royal titles.  The mean Princess Cinnamon, the not-so-bright Princess Peppermint, the vain Prince Hairgel and Prince Slacker, who finds being a prince is to much work, drive the King and Queen to the brink.  After hiring a royal therapist, bringing in royal teachers, and even attempting to marry them off, the King and Queen are about to declare the family a royal failure.  In a last ditch effort to find a “happily ever after” without their live at home adult children, they seek the assistance of the Fairy Godmother.  That plan is short-lived when they find out the cost of hiring the Fairy Godmother and all the permits required.  King Barnabas and Queen Mildred’s last chance is a plan devised by using a “do-it-yourself” fairy tale with supplies purchased at The Enchanted Depot. Royal Chaos is not far behind as nothing goes as planned. As luck would have it, through a series of haphazard events, everyone is changed for the experience.  Happenstance may just allow the Royal Family to live happily ever after, after all.